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The Mission of Slead Construction, Inc. is our commitment to the customer through our workmanship provided that reflects the quality of our company. We strive to ensure our tasks are completed as scheduled by providing a safe work environment, maintained equipment and qualified personnel for each job site. Its these attributes that allow us to acheive our prime goal; the successful completion of our clients projects.


Founded July 13, 1958


Slead Construction, Inc. - Is the Pacific NW premier Dewatering Contractor! We have over 59 years experience in this complex geotechnical process / service!



Dewatering is the removal and control of ground water through pumping, drainage or evaporation. This allows the ground water or seepage to be controled by using well points or deep wells or a combination of both.

The process of pumping large amounts of water through our designed Dewatering Wells will lower the water table in ground over a large area, a construction utility site, open pit or underground mine which allows a dry operation condition.